How it works

  • You choose your pieces of pottery for you and your guests. 
  • You choose your paint colors 
  • (Number of colors depends on number of pottery pieces)
  • We give you all the supplies: Brushes, Pallets, and Sponges. 
  • You go home, paint and have fun!
  • Clean up all brushes, pallets, and sponges.
  • Return the painted pottery along with your take home kit within one week.
  • Come back to Painted Earth a week later to pick up your finished kiln fired pieces 

Rental Fee / Agreement

Deposit of $40.00 

(ONLY paid by Visa/Mastercard or Cash)

- refunded upon returning your kit with all contents in good condition

- if any contents are missing or damaged, we will subtract an amount from your deposit 

(cost per contents are described in rental agreement)

Rental Fee of $25.00 / week

(if late returning the kit, your deposit will not be refunded)

A list of contents, instructions, and rental agreement  must be read and signed prior to leaving our store with your take home kit.