No appointment needed. Walk ins ALL DAY.

How it works


We have over 400 different pieces of pottery to choose from. Dinnerware, Figurines, Banks, and MORE!


Use our HUGE selection of over 100 paint colors. Design with our easy to use stencils, stamps, tape, and other artistic supplies!

All our paints are food-safe, non toxic, and wash off your hands and clothes with just water.

Pick it up

Come back to Painted Earth in Lacombe one week later to pick up. We apply a clear glaze and kiln fire it, making it shiny, durable, and food-safe.

Birthday Parties

 Come celebrate in our private room at NO CHARGE!  (Must have minimum 8 painters)

  • No deposit required
  • Birthday boy/girl receives a 20% discount for one piece of pottery on their next visit
  • You get the room for two hours (plenty of time for painting, cake, and presents)
  • The room comes equipped with a t.v, netflix, fridge, freezer, and microwave
  • Adult parties available! BYOB - must purchase liquor license online or at liquor store ($10.00)

Only cost is whichever party package you choose

Party Packages

Bronze $24/painter

Each person chooses from one of our 40 different kid figurines!

Price includes paint, glaze, and kiln firing. Tax not included.

Silver $35/painter

Each person chooses from over 50 different figurines, banks, boxes, and decorative pieces. 

Price includes paint, glaze, and kiln firing. Tax not included.

Gold $55/painter

Each person chooses from over 15 different LARGE figurines, banks, and decorative pieces. 

Price includes paint, glaze, and kiln firing. Tax not included.

Don't want to choose a package? No Problem!

Let your guests choose anything

We have over 400 different pieces of pottery. 

Prices range from $10.00 to $85.00

We also offer Canvas painting! $25/painter

Paint whatever you like on a blank 16"x20" canvas! 

You're able to take them home the same day you paint.


How it works

  • You choose your pieces of pottery for you and your guests. 
  • You choose your paint colors 
  • (Number of colors depends on number of pottery pieces)
  • We give you all the supplies: Brushes, Pallets, and Sponges. 
  • You go home, paint and have fun!
  • You clean up all brushes, pallets, and sponges.
  • Return the painted pottery along with your take home kit within one week.
  • Come back to Painted Earth a week later to pick up your finished kiln fired pieces 

Rental Fee / Agreement

Deposit of $40.00 

 (ONLY paid by Visa/Mastercard or Cash) 

- refunded upon returning your kit with all contents in good condition

- if any contents are missing or damaged, we will subtract an amount from your deposit 

(cost per contents are described in rental agreement)

Rental Fee of $25.00 / week

(if late returning the kit, your deposit will not be refunded)

A list of contents, instructions, and rental agreement  must be read and signed prior to leaving our store with your take home kit.


Q. What happens if we run out of a color?

A. Come back to the store and we can refill it for you

Q. Can we eat and drink food while we paint?

A. You may drink a beverage, but eating should not be allowed. The grease and oils from food can create a barrier between the pottery and paint, resulting in a poorly finished product.

Be sure to wash your hands before painting. 

Q. What would the cost be to rent a kit for a birthday party of 15 people?

A. For groups that size, we would need to rent out two kits to accomodate 15 people. 

Deposit of $80.00, and Rental Fee of $50.00

Have an event? Want us to bring the fun to you?

Where will we go?

Anywhere people want to have fun!


Senior Homes



Bachelorette Parties

Bridal Showers


Birthday Parties

and MANY more!

How it works:

  • We bring a selection of pottery determined by you prior to our arrival, and a selection of our most popular paints
  • We supply all the necessary tools to create your masterpiece (brushes, sponges, pencils, palettes, etc.)
  • We set up, assist, and give instructions
  • YOU - Paint and have FUN!

$25.00 / Hour + Travel Fees anywhere outside of Lacombe

We only accept CASH / CHEQUE / VISA/MASTERCARD for this service